After Sales Services

MERIT STAINLESS STEEL INC. strives to be your long-term business partner, offering after sales support and warranty. It is our goal to be with you as soon as we can, ensuring your peace of mind. We continually test our products to ensure maximum reliability of our products, and offer preventive maintenance options to minimize down time in your operations. We have a line-up of professionals who are highly trained and experienced to understand customers’ requirements.

Warranty Service

MERIT STAINLESS offers a one year sealed system warranty for all refrigeration items and six months sealed system warranty for heating equipment. Warranties start from the date of purchase.

Commercial Kitchen Design Layout

MERIT STAINLESS provides free commercial kitchen layouts complete with field measurements – our own little freebie to help you plan your new business. After a short meeting to discuss your customer capacity goals, our experienced designers can help sketch a design, and short list items that are most suited for your needs. Kindly call our Project Sales Representative at (02) 655-0018 / (02) 655-0027 to avail our COMMERCIAL KITCHEN LAYOUT for FREE!


Fire Suppression System

The first line of defense against fire in a commercial kitchen is the fire protection system installed in the exhaust hood. MERIT STAINLESS offers fire suppression systems which protect your hood, duct and equipment in case of a fire. We can supply, deliver and install the system – a process which includes: an Amerex Fire Suppression System (AFSS) lay out complete with drawings and specifications based on installed equipment, Bureau of Fire permit processing and conducting of leak detector test.


Custom Stainless Fabrication

MERIT STAINLESS has several years of experience in customized kitchen items– from stainless steel table, hood, sink, cabinet, equipment and other stainless steel items that you need in your kitchen provided the specifications and requirements.


Ventilation System (Exhaust and Fresh Air)

A typical kitchen ventilation system includes an exhaust hood or canopy, ductwork, fan system, and a means of providing adequate make up air.  MERIT STAINLESS provides exhaust and fresh air system designs based on equipment usage. A proper ventilation system is important for any operation as it ensures minimal smoke, grease and odor in the kitchen and the restaurant alike. This also helps prolong the life of equipment as it prevents stagnation of air and overheating. We can assist you in preparing a layout (drawing and specification), supply, delivery and installation of the system (which includes ducting works, motors, and industrial fans), and permit processing.


Installation, Testing & Comissioning of Kitchen Equipments

MERIT STAINLESS offers installation, testing and commissioning of equipments to ensure a smooth transaction. This ensures that once turned over, your kitchen is ready for use!


Diesel & Gas Line System

MERIT STAINLESS can also provide diesel and gas line systems, complete with layout, permit processing and supply and installation of actual line and gas farm / cage. Supply and installation of appropriate piping, fittings, gas detectors and automatic shut off devices. Further, we can also conduct a leak detector test.