Food Court


Merit's market leadership in Philippines is a result of our persistence and dedication in satisfying the needs of our potential customers.

We manufacture commercial kitchen equipment for Food courts with a complete range of gas & electrical operated equipments, includes preparation area, cooking area, dish wash area, refrigeration area, storage area, dining area, etc.

Merit has proved its excellence in setting up kitchen equipments for Food Courts throughout the Philippines. We offer a full range of commercial kitchen equipment for Food courts that includes everything from cooking equipments to Dine-in furniture.

Our appreciated designing of Food court's Kitchen allows assembling the perfect lineup of commercial kitchen equipments, creating an ease to complement any personal cooking convenience.

Our perpetual consistent quality, best equipment designing, vast market coverage and the number of years of experience have given us a cutting edge with our competitors. Our natural tendency to improve our performance and quality with each passing year has taken us way ahead of our nearest competitor. The people at our group are very sensitive and customer friendly about the complaints, which infect is a rare occurrence from the customers.