Commercial Electric Proofer, 16 Trays Maximize

Commercial Electric Proofer, 16 Trays

Commercial Electric Proofer
Dimension: 500mmL x 720mmW x1985mmH
Temperature Range: (+) 30 °C ~ (+) 110 °C
Power Input: 2.6kW
Ampere: 13A
Power Supply: 220V/60Hz/1Ph
Electrical Connection: Plug-in 3 Pong
Capacity: 16 Trays
Material: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 45Kg

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Model No.: MIFJ16

Commercial Electric Proofer, 16 Trays
Ideal machine for food products like breads and some flour food products. It has revolutionary design which is safe and steady for usage with internal heat proof system, highly efficient, and economical glass windows for users’ optimum convenience.

Standard Construction Features:
• This equipment has modernized and elegant appearance and automatic operating panels that are adjustable and easy to operate.
• It has glass window which made it more convenient to open, close, maintain, check while baking is at work.
• It is made with fully stainless steel layers that boost neatness, hygiene, durability and quality.
• The capacity is huge enough and has multi-layer structure that allows high-efficiency and optimum convenience.